Easy house hunting
for couples

Organise, compare and track your house hunt together.

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House hunting is broken

Without Jonga

Spend all your time between Excel, WhatsApp and browser tabs trying to figure out which house you are looking at.

Forget viewings you've scheduled or arrive at the door like a mistake waiting to happen.

With Jonga

One central place to put all the properties you love using the sites you already use. Keep track of the comments, photos and more with Jonga's holistic view.

Never miss a viewing and arrive like you're from the future.

Everything to help you find your dream home

Buying a home is hard. It's easy to feel overwhelmed with so many decisions to make and facing the largest investment of your life. We streamline the property search process for couples, so that you can focus on finding your dream home.

How Jonga works

Create the vision

Join Jonga and add your partner. Create your first hunt on Jonga and tell us what matters to you.

Find listings you love

Find listings on the sites you already use. Copy the link into Jonga to create a listing.

Collaborate together

Add comments, photos and rate the listings together. Create checklists that you can use during viewings.

Streamline viewings

Use Jonga to plan your viewings. During viewings, add comments, photos and complete your checklists.

One clear vision

Jonga gives the listing a score based on your ratings, checklists and how closely it matches your criteria.

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Great with one, better with more

Say goodbye to WhatsApp groups and crazy Excel spreadsheets with dozens of properties. Jonga keeps both of you on the same page in one central place.

Use the property websites you know

Jonga uses the listings from the property websites you already use. Simply add the link in and start adding comments, pictures and more.

Set the course

Decide on what you are looking for and Jonga compares each property against this. We cover everything from how many bedrooms to the travel time to your office.

Communicate in one spot

It's easy to lose track of all the properties. Each property you add becomes a hub for adding photos, comments and more. We have you covered before, during and after the viewing.

See the big picture

Couples view a crazy amount of houses in the typical hunt. It's unbelievably easy to feel overwhelmed. Jonga helps bring the zen back by giving you the full picture.

All your properties in one spot

One dashboard to see all the properties you're interested in, beautifully presented. See at a glance which are due a viewing, are favourites and how closely it matches your dream.

Your viewings on steroids

Say goodbye to missed viewings and fumbling for the agents number. Jonga gives you a single of your weekends viewings with all the info right where and when you need it.

View your properties in the way that makes sense to you

Jonga gives you the power to look at your properties in the lens that you choose. Sort the properties by price, bedrooms and more.
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Dive into the details

Feel empowered by rich information in one place. Easy to access and right where you need it, when you need it.

Compare properties side-by-side

We know just how to settle a tie breaker. Compare the properties you love side-by-side and decide what stays and what goes.

Add checklists for what matters

Create custom checklists for the things that matter. If its that mid-century feel or mahogany floors its up to you. Jonga uses this to show how closely the property matches with your dream.

Each property listing you add has everything you need

We felt the pain of trying to keep track off all the information around a property in one spot first hand. Jonga helps you get the property listing, notes and comments, photos, agent details and checklists in one easy to access location.

But wait, there's more

Use it where you need

Jonga works whether you're at the office, chilling on the couch or standing outside the property. We provide a streamlined desktop and mobile experience.

Share outside of Jonga

We give you a private link to share in that family group so that everyone can see the house you fell in love with. Mom has to have her say!

Your data, your rules

We know we said some bad things about Excel but if you really want, you can export your data and play with it in Excel to your heart's content.

You're one step away from a better house hunt